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Animal Flow

Started on: 9/26/2023

Status: Ongoing

Animal Flow is a long-term fanfiction project started during late 2023- so far boasting 3 separate fics, a total of 28 chapters, and an overall word count of 54,154. Animal Flow follows Lips in his painful journey of developing lycanthropy. With a group of concerned bandmates, a clingy husband, and rather sinister pairs of eyes on him, Lips has a lot to endure.

Fic 1: Animal Flow
After a gut-wrenching nightmare, Lips finally realizes how stressed out he is. Deciding to visit the woods to clear his mind, he comes across a threat that he deems a simple mistake on his end. While suffering the aftermath of the attack, he realizes that he's underestimated its consequences- along with those of neglecting his own anxieties.
Fic 2: Animal Flow: Duality
Lips's case of lycanthropy has spiraled out of control. After attacking his own bandmate nearly to death, the world feels like it's turned onto him with fury- and when nobody listens to his side of the story, Lips starts to think his case is hopeless. But what if there's something else going on that he's oblivious to? Is there a price to pay for this treatment?
Fic 3: Animal Flow: Break Some Stuff
With Devon finally gone once and for all, the Mayhem is overjoyed for Lips, Animal, and whoever else he may have hurt to have been avenged. In celebration of their bandmates' newfound freedom and comfort with their lycanthropy, the band decides to go on a huge collab tour with good friend Sphynx's band, Splintercat's Winterdance- with plans for all proceedings to be sent toward her new fundraiser for Devon's victims and their families. However, something sinister may have come back to bite them...

Animal Flow Chapter 8 Comic Adaptation
This comic contains:
Suggestive content, imagery of trans scars (in case it may trigger dysphoria), LOTS of body horror